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Hopex, Nigerian hyper-realism artist born 8th November 1992 and raised in Nigeria, uses his art to tell the stories of his wildest dreams. With great reverence for African narratives, Hopex believes in artwork as a vessel for amplifying the voices of those around him.

A self-taught artist, Hopex was encouraged by his peers to follow the path of portrait work. He fell in love with the craft’s ability to bring life, exuberance, and color to the people and places that colored his world.

As a child, Hopex’s greatest companions were pencils and pieces of paper to express his imagination. But, it was not until 2017 that Hopex began to develop his skills professionally.

After he completed his National Diploma in Purchasing and supply from The Polytechnic of Ibadan into the year 2014, In 2017 Hopex decided to dig deep in art and he proceed the pursuit to study Fine and applied Art from University of Benin,where he obtained his Bachelor of Art.

Hopex has been able to participate in various art exhibitions shows and competetitions within and outside Nigeria,
Intergalactic Open 3 - Juried Competition and Group Exhibition 2021.

13th Annual International Drawing Discourse Exhibition. 2021, ViewPoint 54 exhibition 2022, Mimesis Black Liquid Art 2023 to mention but few.

Hopex has caught the attention of various news blogs and publications like Modern met,blavity,magzoid etc.



  • Developing ideas for client

  • Drawing landscapes, portraits, and abstract pieces of work.

  • Creating high-quality, photo-real images of characters and objects.

  • Creating 3D graphical content.

  • Drawing pictures that are to be used in books, magazines, and websites.

  • Communicating with gallery owners, curators, sculptors, and other artists.

  • Writing up attractive project and portfolio proposals.

  • Attending art exhibitions.

  • Displaying art in galleries and museums.

  • Create and deliver artwork to clients all over the world



Bachelor’s Degree in fine and Applied Arts

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I draw inspiration from everything and everyone, finding beauty and potential in conversation and dialogue. I use paper and charcoal pencils and color to appreciate and promote African culture, embolden even political and sociocultural issues on the canvasses that we call life.

I don't like to just draw but I like to put life into drawing.

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